作为高级财务顾问和校长, Karla专注于提供财务规划服务和退休预测. 卡拉得到了B.A. 他毕业于加州大学戴维斯分校经济学专业,并以优异成绩毕业. 她还于2001年获得Santa Clara University的工商管理硕士学位. 她在科技行业工作了大约15年, 最近是仁科, 在成为理财规划师之前. 卡拉的工作对象包括家庭成员、年轻的专业人士、寡妇以及即将退休或退休的夫妇. 卡拉还负责公司的技术,并担任首席合规官.

卡拉是永利app官方下载和FPA的积极成员. She has served as a conference Chair for both organizations and continues for seek out ways to contribute and give back. 她在自己的社区也很活跃, 自愿参加青少年的学校活动和体育活动. 当Karla有空的时候,她喜欢阅读和看比她实际应该看的更多的电影. She also enjoys travelling and is anxious to show her kids more of the world before they head off to college.



Jeff是Longview Financial Advisors的财务规划总监.

在加入朗维尤, 他在国防部和NASA工作了12年, 设计, 执行和维护大型计算机系统. 他喜欢与家庭一起工作,因为他们把财务目标和生活目标结合在一起.

He is a member of the Leadership Greater Huntsville Connect 19 and served as a volunteer for Connect 20 & 21.

离开办公室, 杰夫喜欢和妻子在一起, Jamie, 他们的三个孩子, 他们家的狗, Rosa. 他经常在运动场上指导足球、棒球和垒球队. 杰夫是大学橄榄球迷, 一个爱冒险的人, 对迪士尼世界有着孩童般的热爱. 在亨茨维尔社区, 他的主要志愿事业包括金融教育和赋权, 同时也教孩子和年轻人培养性格和价值观.



温迪·哈特曼, CFP® is President of Buckingham Strategic Wealth where she is responsible for providing strategic leadership, 与董事会和其他公司领导一起工作, 这有助于实现公司的战略重点. 她的角色是推动有机增长,确保有效交付客户体验, 再加上顾问经验, 通过强大的运营基础设施. 做了几十年的财富顾问, 温迪很自豪能领导白金汉战略财富公司继续保护客户的生命安全.

Wendy has enduring passion for the industry and recognizes that “永利app官方下载’s role in the financial planning profession is to be a relentless advocate for the fee-only community through consumer awareness, 教育和合作伙伴”. 她对永利app官方下载董事会成员的新角色充满热情.


莉迪亚是威斯考特金融咨询集团的首席投资官, Partner, 高级投资策略师和高级财务顾问. Lydia was the 2015-2016 president of the 永利app官方下载 Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region Board and was also a member of 永利app官方下载’s Leadership Development Committee. 她还在永利app官方下载大学实践管理学院任职, 也是该组织发言人局内容审查委员会的成员.

She is past president of the Philadelphia Chapter of the International Association for 财务规划 and past president of the Estate and 财务规划 Council of Southern New Jersey. 前金融服务专业人士协会南泽西分会会长, she has served as an instructor for the Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation courses sponsored by the Society. Lydia has also served as a member of the 财务规划 Association’s (FPA) National Ethics Committee, 负责调查投诉和执行FPA道德规范.


乔妮Alt, CFP®是Evermay财富管理公司的高级财富顾问. Joni has worked for over 30 years in the financial planning/investment management field and uses her drive as a continuous learner to find new ways to serve her 客户.

Joni began her 永利app官方下载 volunteer service as a member of the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Region Board as a way to give back to the profession. “成为永利app官方下载委员会的一员将允许我继续我几年前开始的道路. 这个协会帮助我与其他喜欢的计划者联系起来, 他们中的许多人现在是朋友和同事。”.

Joni wants to “continue to give back to 永利app官方下载 community of professionals that have helped me so that I can help the next generation coming into this profession.她期待着专注于会员教育, 维持永利app官方下载在金融规划界的声誉, 在监管和公共政策问题上保持与时俱进.



Dr. Kristy Archuleta is an Associate Professor in one of the nation’s premier financial planning programs at the University of Georgia and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 在2018年8月加入佐治亚大学之前, she was an Associate Professor and Program Director of the Personal 财务规划 program at Kansas State University. 她的研究和教学兴趣与金融治疗有关, 夫妇和金钱, 以及改善财务状况和整体福祉的有效机制. 她是the Financial Therapy Association的联合创始董事会成员和前主席, 现任主编 金融治疗杂志,并合编了两本书: 财务规划及量表 and 金融治疗:理论、理论、研究和实践.

Dr. Archuleta has published numerous scholarly articles and been interviewed for national and international media outlets, 包括 The 纽约时报, 投资者商业日报, 投资的新闻, 投资者商业日报, CNBC, 魅力, 哥伦比亚广播公司的钱看, Parade, and NPR. 她是Hartford Funds Human Centric Insights的专家小组成员以及编辑委员会成员 财务规划审查, 财务规划杂志, and 韩国金融规划评论. Dr. Archuleta is a recipient of the Kansas State University College of Human Ecology Myers-Alford Outstanding Teaching Award and the Oklahoma State University College of Human Sciences Distinguished Alumna Award.


艾米·欧文(艾米尔湾),注册金融策划师,植根规划集团创始人/所有者. Amy has had varied experiences in her financial career and successfully transitioned to opening her own firm, 2016年植根计划小组. 她目前在南部一级妇女基金财务委员会任职, ART南芬格湖理事会捐赠委员会, and the Corning-Painted Post Historical Society and has previously served on the board for Faith-in-Action Steuben County, 康奈尔合作推广人类生态委员会的成员.

Amy remains dedicated to having more diversity in the profession empowered through education as evidenced by her involvement with the 永利app官方下载 教育 Committee and previous tenure with the XYPN Diversity Committee. She is looking forward to becoming a member of the 永利app官方下载 Board and believes Leadership isn't about one action or one person, 而是“一群人如何合作成长”.”



永利app官方下载领域, she was the Co-founder/Co-chair of 永利app官方下载’s Diversity + Inclusion initiative and previously served as the Austin Study Group Leader.

作为前任奥斯汀FPA主席, she enjoys serving in a thought leader capacity and wishes to make financial planning an approachable experience for consumers.

Daphne was listed in Investopedia’s 100 Top Financial Advisors of 2021 and received a 2019 Rising Star Award from InvestmentNews’ "Excellence in Diversity" program. She has been featured in a Money Savage podcast on “Your Financial Road Map” and in the Negotiate Anything podcast with attorney Kwame Christian on the topic of implicit bias. 她还发表了一篇文章 奥斯汀的家庭 magazine sharing tips with parents on saving for college and has been quoted in Nerd Wallet’s online magazine.

作为一个转行的, 这数学专业, 前小学教师和一个大型无教派教会的业务经理关心他人. 达芙妮相信,“与他人保持关系”,并认为“投资于他人会获得最大的收益”.“她很高兴能在永利app官方下载董事会为你服务.


劳拉·巴内特狮子, CFP®, 董事总经理, 马瑟集团加入永利app官方下载已有20多年. 她最近的永利app官方下载服务是在2019年春季会议委员会. 在此之前, Laura曾任职于领导发展委员会,并担任南区董事会成员. “It was deeply gratifying to me to help facilitate friendships for others like those that have benefited me and enriched my professional life so much. 我认为,顾问之间的这种关系是永利app官方下载与众不同的地方之一.”

劳拉对永利app官方下载充满热情,并认为它在行业中占有重要地位. 继续推动更严格的信托标准, transparency of fees and enabling consumers to search for advice based on those guidelines is important work.

Laura is looking forward to using her perspective and experience that comes from her 30 years in the industry and 20 years as a business owner to help 永利app官方下载 move forward. 她对该协会所取得的成就深表敬意. “能在董事会任职将是我的荣幸,也是我长期以来的目标. 这个组织对我很好. 它给了我牢固的友谊, 客户, 知识来建立我的事业, 我会很高兴有这个机会把它传递出去.”


作为NorthAvenue Financial Advocates的创始人兼管理合伙人, 克里斯汀组建了一个团队,专门为下一代客户服务. 家族里的几代人都把北大街称为他们理财计划的盟友.

她也是中俄亥俄FPA(金融规划协会)的成员。, 全美女企业主协会, 及综合规划师联盟. 她曾两次担任所在地区平安险分会的主席, 是全国公认的y一代顾问同辈团体的创始人, and served on the 永利app官方下载 national committee for CFP® Practice Standards that worked to shape nationwide fiduciary standards for CFP®s. In 2016, Kristen was selected from more than 800 entrants to receive the prestigious “Top 40 Advisors under 40” award from InvestmentNews.

克里斯汀以优异成绩毕业于辛辛那提的泽维尔大学, 她在哪里主修金融和市场营销.

克里斯汀、她的丈夫杰夫和他们的猫贝拉和麦克住在俄亥俄州的韦斯特维尔. 他们一起享受户外时光, 他们去过30多个国家,是狂热的旅行者.


天神Panambur, CFA®, CFP®是Sarsi的创始人, LLC, 他是纽约西部的收费理财顾问, 新泽西州和纽约市, 客户遍布全国和国外. 迪瓦在投资和金融咨询行业已有20多年的经验. 东北/中大西洋地区委员会的前任成员, 他对财务规划充满热情, 教育和塑造学生的未来. 他教授一门个人理财课程和一门入门理财计划课程, 这在新泽西大学是首例. 他拥有印度理工学院的技术学士学位, India, 他是印度外贸学院国际管理硕士, India, 以及雷鸟全球管理学院(Thunderbird School of Global Management)的MBA学位, 格兰岱尔市, AZ

Deva cherishes the 永利app官方下载 community and the sense of belonging with like-minded professionals and considers it a privilege to be given the opportunity to shape the organization’s future.

他通过跑步和练习艾扬格瑜伽来保持健康. 他喜欢打高尔夫球, 去有历史意义的地方旅游, 阅读传记和美食.